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About Smart Review


Smart Review enables you to review a full-resolution preview of a file.


When you open a file in Smart Review, you can work with the file in the following ways:


  Change how the file appears in Smart Review


  Work with annotations made to the file


  Compare two different files or compare two revisions of the same file


  Manage color on the file


  Collaborate with others in a group review session


  Review and approve pages


  Print the file to a local printer


The Smart Review user interface consists of six main areas—the Files list, the canvas area, view and zoom tools, annotation tools, and panels for job information and approval, and user status.






1 - Files list


2 - Canvas area


3 - View and zoom tools


4 - Annotation toolbar


5 - Information panels (provide
detailed information about the file, such as separations and annotation details)


6 - Approval  and user status panel





Smart Review Tips


  If the page is approved, please click on the green check toward the bottom of the page.


  If the page is not approved and requires changes or a new file, please click the red X. You can also make annotations

     inside Smart Review. See below on how to use those tools.


Tools Palette:


Arrow: General use tool to navigate each page

Type: Use this tool to mark spots and create text annotations

Shapes/Pen: Use these tools respectfully to make graphic based annotations

Ruler: Use this tool to measure any distance

Eye Dropper: Use this tool to measure and display the color build whether it be 4 color process or to check

Pantone color tints


Info Palette: The colored dashed lines represent different boxes and can be disabled - Trim Box (Red), Blue Box (Bleed) and Peach Box (Media).


Separations Palette: You can turn on/off color separations to check spot colors, 1 color black type, etc.


Annotations Palette: You can see a list of annotations that have been made to the current document.











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